About LOCO

Binghamton LOCO Festival

ACNUR LOCO Festival is an educational project driven by the Spanish Committee of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to raise students’ awareness of refugees’ situations and the importance of getting actively involved in the defense of Human Rights.

Given the diversity of Binghamton University and the region in which it is located, we are hosting the LOCO festival as a way to celebrate our multiculturality, multiethnicity, and diverse thinking.  As events in the world continue to fuel the refugee crisis, this event seeks to increase cultural competence as a way to promote solidarity and cooperation.

Through active participation in a week-long series of educational activities, we aim to expand our community's ability to recognize human rights violations wherever they may occur and to actively participate in the improvement of living conditions of vulnerable populations.

The festival will be celebrated online from May 3 through May 6.


The Global Studies Program, Binghamton University

The Center for Civic Engagement, Binghamton University

American Civic Association

Zolberg Institute on Migration


Multicultural Resource Center, Binghamton University

Department of Art and Design, Binghamton University

English Language Institute, Binghamton University

International Student and Scholar Services, Binghamton University


Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies, Binghamton University

Department of Romance Languages, Binghamton University

College-in-the-Woods, Binghamton University

Human Rights Institute, Binghamton University

Institute for Genocide and Mass Attrocity Prevention, Binghamton University